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LED T8 Tubes
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LED T8 Tubes

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JV Pioneer LED T8 Tubes Classic Series

JV Pioneer LED T8 Tubes Classic Series

T8 Tubes Classic Series 

•Can reduce energy up to 60% providing significantly lower operating costs.
•Highly energy-efficient lighting that use far less (watt) to produce the same light output. 
•Aluminium PCB Board: Design to absorb and disperse excess heat away from the LED to maintain lumen output & increase life expectancy.
•Glass Tube: Inner white coated.
•Available in 9W / 17W


Applications can include:

Garage parking
Cooling and storage rooms
Logistics and Industry
Museums and Galleries

Why Choose Classic?

For office or working environments LED lights have been the first choice for a long time. Most offices have replaced old fluorescent lights with LED Tubes for better illumination conditions and cost-effectiveness. But still, some offices need to upgrade and they are looking for the best solution you can choose the best from the best.

JV Pioneer™ LED T8 Tubes Classic Series is an affordable LED Tubes that is suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps. This product provides a natural lighting effect for use in general lighting applications, as well as instant energy savings – an environmentally friendly solution.

Why JV Pioneer™ ?

At JV Pioneer™ we provide only affordable and good quality LED lighting products. We work with the most professional and recognized distribution partners to specify and distribute JV Pioneer™ products in the most efficient way to you.
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