LED Highmast Flood Light Luxury
LED Highmast Flood Light Luxury


LED Highmast Flood Light Luxury

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LED Highmast Flood Light Luxury Series
High mast lighting is commonly used to illuminate large areas from a very high mounting height, typically on poles ranging in height from 50ft to 150ft, and are mounted to those poles via Fixed Rings or Lowering Devices. There are typically between 3 to 12 fixtures on each pole. High mast lights are the ideal option when you want to illuminate a large area with fewer poles. JV Pioneer™ LED Highmast Flood Light provides you the following features: 

  • Respirator Design: Waterproof design, eliminating mist, avoiding condensation, improving quality, and extending the lifespan. 
  • Heavy Grade Die-Casting Aluminium: For extreme weather and durability 
  • High Energy Efficiency: Coupled with a powerful light output to create a bright, diverse, long-lasting and innovative environment.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: Making installation flexible and convenient. 
  • Premium Lighting Solution: Designed to meet the most demanding specification criteria while offering maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance cost.
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Easy to Install
  • Safety Build-In Driver 
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation

Applications can include:

  • Roads & overpasses 
  • Areas with industrial equipment
  • Parking lots 
  • Freight terminal
  • Factory
  • Workshop warehouse 
  • Logistic center 
  • Exhibition hall
  • Stadium 
  • Sports facilities 

Illumination For Everyone

LED Highmast Flood Light offers much brighter lighting for covering large places and public areas. The mechanism behind these floodlights is LED. While LED light source and technology are on the path of continuous development, therefore, we infer the high chance of productivity, efficiency, durability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. All these features add more life to the LED High Mast Lights.

The IP65 rated JV Pioneer™ LED Highmast Flood Light Luxury Series has been designed and tested to withstand weather conditions and are safe for outside use. They are widely used in outdoor pole/arm-mounted areas and roadway luminaires, factories, workshop warehouses, logistic centres, exhibition halls, stadiums and etc. 

Why JV Pioneer™?
JV Pioneer™ is leading the way with customised lighting services that provide the quality of light your business deserves. Our lighting solutions are designed to maximise energy savings while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs to ensure the utmost safety and productivity of your facility.

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