LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive
LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive
LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive
LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive
LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive
LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive


LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive

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LED Eco Flood Light Exclusive Series 

Our premium product for outdoor lighting.

• Brilliant Heat Sink Technology: Luminaire with a highly efficient heat sink. Absorb excessive heat and dissipates it away.
• IP66 Rating: Dust Tight & Superior Water Proof Design - To ensure excellent outdoor performance.
• Tempered Glass: High transmittance up to 92%
• High Lumen LED Chips: High brightness & high efficiency.
• Innovative Design: More beautiful appearance with excellent heat dissipation performance.
• 300° Rotating: Easy to install, safe & reliable.

Applications can include:
• Manufacture plants and construction sites 
• Ports
• Warehouses
• Public areas 
• Building facades 

The best for outdoor

LED Floodlights have become a common feature around homes and commercial spaces. They serve as a security measure by ensuring the exterior of your home or business is well-lit, leaving no dark spots for intruders to hide in. 

JV Pioneer™ LED ECO Floodlight Exclusive Series gives you more high-intensity light with lumen output levels from 4,500lm to 30,000lm. The range is suitable for various applications wall mounted around building facades, ideal for the classic floodlighting of buildings as well as lighting gardens, paths near to buildings, garages, 
entrance ways and drives. 

JV Pioneer™ has a range of LED floodlights to power the exterior of your property. Contact Us Today if you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!

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