Layer Your Lighting

Layering your lighting sources is the best way to achieve quality lighting. The easiest way to have layered lighting is to use all three types of lighting – ambient, accent, and task.
Try to apply ambient, accent, and task lighting where you can, but don’t force getting all three into spaces where it’s unnecessary. Layered lighting is achieved when the entirety of the room has an overall glow without daunting shadows, and there are pops of interest from beautiful fixtures or the brightness and shape of the glow. The three types can often be overlapped but it’s important not to confuse them. The recessed cans provide an overall light while the ceiling chandelier doubles as a decorative element and assists in the ambient lighting. The elegant white table lamp is a nice decorative piece against the darker walls while also providing the necessary task lighting for someone reading a book in that corner.

10 Jan 2023